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I've Got Something to Say...

I have always been a happy, positive, go-with-the-flow kind of person. I was raised to have nice manners, respect boundaries and be polite, and find a way to get myself out of issues or big problems without panicking.

For most of my life, I did my best to stay in my lane, avoid calling too much attention to myself or others, and not make too much noise out of the "little things" in life.

But recently, I've decided to send that philosophy...right out the window.

Let me explain.

Over a crazy few years, I survived: 1) Cancer, with treatment that left me completely physically and mentally depleted 2) A crazy medical mistake that required unnecessary, drastic surgeries - 15 in fact - and still counting 3) And...divorce

Yes, I survived cancer, surgeries and Mark (my ex) and children are very close and happy and healthy. But, to say all of the above put my happy, positive, go-with-the-flow personality to the test is an understatement. But after all of the years of rebounding, rebuilding and making sense of it all, it was the unconditional love of my friends, family, and my beloved bulldog Rocky (more on him in a second) that kept me a float and kept me fighting.

Sometimes it was a text or phone call, sometimes it was a card or flowers, sometimes it was just a hug when I needed it most — but because the people around me took time to remind me that I wouldn’t just make it through, but that I was loved and SPECIAL? It gave me the strength to keep going every time.

That's when it hit me: This was something I had to make noise about.

In today’s busy world, between work and play and the way all of our lives are ultra-connected, we’ve somehow forgotten how to take time out of our day to truly SEE others and express that love.

And we need a change-up because that love is game-changing, life-changing, and world-changing and we need it now more than ever.

I have asked myself, “How am I still here?” I used to think it was “survivors guilt” but not entirely. I now understand that it was my SOUL asking me that hard question about purpose. What was mine? I have this sign in my family room that reads, “Let your life speak.” Well what’s mine saying?

And it’s simple. I am here to help the world take time out of their day to spread that love around AND remind someone that they are SPECIAL. Simplicity.

This connection within myself has become the driving force behind bringing Propeller Wags to life.

I know the world needs this now and I am POSITIVE it will resonate with others.

Dog owners or not - we all at some point in our lives have felt forgotten about, unappreciated, hurt, maybe just having a bad day, and needed reminding that someone cares and we are SPECIAL.

It is my life’s mission to be able to create opportunities so others can feel as loved and SPECIAL as my man Rocky made me feel—GOOSEBUMP MOMENTS.

I know sharing this with others is what I am designed to do. Realizing I needed an unique, sweet way of doing so has been the fun part because all of this research and brainstorming has provided me with peace in my own experiences, it feels good to finally be able to have a voice and way to share one of life’s most valuable gifts—the power of unconditional love fueled by the world’s sweetest dog, my sweet boy Rocky. All the life lessons I learned about life and myself over the years brought to life by this sweet, faced guy who will always make someone smile. Simplicity.

My goal is to not sell gifts but empower a community to stop pounding heads against the wall asking, “What can I do to make someone feel SPECIAL?” -- just tell them so. We are capable of making a huge impact on someone without trying or thinking too hard.


That’s all so yeah, I’ve got something to say, “Let’s get the whole world Wagging!” The world needs it now more than ever.

Wag ON,

Molly Akers

Founder, Propeller Wags (And…Rocky’s BFF)

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