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About Our Founder, Molly Akers

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I call myself a "modern-day female Forrest Gump," because I've somehow landed in the most extraordinary life experiences by sheer chance, again and again.

Some of those experiences have been incredible. Some have been painfully difficult.

Over the course of my life, I have...

  • Survived rare neck cancer, and a crazy medical mistake

  • Been on "Oprah," and the "TODAY" show

  • Testified on the state and national level

  • Coached cancer survivors to run their first 5K after treatment

  • Represented Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the horrific Boston Marathon Bombings in 2013 on their inaugural marathon team, Team MR8, in 2014

  • And raise two fiercely independent and empathetic teenagers

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As unique as each of these experiences have been, each one has brought me back to the same message:

Sometimes, we just need to be reminded someone cares, we matter, and we are SPECIAL.

At some point in our lives, whether we realize it or not, we all need to get reacquainted with the truth that each of us has value, each of us is important, and that we are loved and needed more than we know; especially during a time when we may feel anything but that.

My best friend Sam did that to me years ago when she simply offered me -- a complete stranger -- her bike during a spin class when mine broke. She was being kind to someone she could see was upset, but what she didn't realize was that simple act of kindness fell on a young mother of two who had just been diagnosed with cancer. Humanity at its finest, simple and sincere and heartwarming.

This simple and sincere love was the same gift my pup Rocky gave me in both the darkest and brightest moments of my life.


And now with Propeller Wags, I'm helping people across the country (and soon, across the world) spread that gift to those who need it most: to the people they love who might be celebrating or struggling, and -- maybe most importantly -- to themselves. 


Thanks so much for being here. Let's spread the wag and create Goosebump Moments together!


Wag on,

Molly Akers

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