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The Story of Propeller Wags

As told by Propeller Wags founder, Molly Akers

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Meet Rocky. 

From the moment I met Rocky, our American Bulldog, it was love at first sight. Crazy how perfect people (and animals) walk into our lives just when we need them most. 

A few years after dropping his first tennis ball at my feet, a rare cancer diagnosis brought me even closer to all the light in the world - and one of the brightest lights of all was this sweet, droopy faced American Bulldog, Rocky. 

Rocky wasn't just a dog (or just the inspiration for Propeller Wags!). He was my wake up call to my life's purpose. 

He was adored by everybody, but really, he was MY man. Whenever I came home from the hospital during treatment, Rocky would sit by the front door waiting for me 15 minutes before I arrived - every. single. time. He didn't even need a leash because he'd walk by my side everywhere we went. 

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Beyond being a big, goofy puddle o'love, Rocky had a very distinct tail wag every time he saw me: instead of wagging back and forth, he wagged his in a full circle.

Years later, I learned experts call this a "Propeller Wag," a very specific wag saved for very SPECIAL people in the eyes of a dog. 

As soon as I learned that fact, I got goosebumps all over.

That was the magic Rocky gave me: no matter what I was going through, he made me feel so SPECIAL every day.

And above all, he showed me that my purpose is to spread that feeling around. 

Rocky lived for 14 years - an incredibly long life for a bulldog. When we had to put him to sleep, my heart broke. 

A poem, inspired by Rocky:

We all have a purpose,

We all have a say,

As tough as that can be,


You must brighten

someone's day.

Rocky was the person I had come home to for so many years and I still choke up when I think of how SPECIAL we were to each other.

That's why I created the Propeller Wags shop. To remind the people we love just how valued they are, whether life is great or a little gloomy.

So send a wag to say "I love you!"

Send a wag to say "I see you, I know you're going through a lot, but you're going to be OK."

Send a wag to say "I'm thinking of you!"

And, most importantly, send a wag to give that whole-body-goosebump feeling of saying: "You are SPECIAL."

Let's get the whole world waggin'.

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