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Introducing... WAGS Running!

In case you didn't know, we are a big fan of running at Propeller Wags. The training...the cheering...the #GOOSEBUMPMOMENT finish lines are everything. 

To kick off the launch of Propeller Wags and to pay tribute to the ideals our brand stands for, we created WAGS Running - not just a running team, but a running MOVEMENT - designed to unite our #SPECIALBONDS and give back to those who need a little reminder how darn #SPECIAL they are. 

WAGS Running members will have access to the guaranteed lowest price race registration coupon codes, post-race brunch, beer, Moscow mule, extra swag and access to the corporate tents (that's hassle with Gear Check). 

WAGS Running will participate in: 

RUN Mag Mile (5k, 10k) - 9/7/19

Hot Chocolate (5k, 10k) - 11/3/19


To receive more information on registration on how to go the distance with WAGS Running, please register your email address below: 

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